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Post-Grad Timeline?

Graduating is such a beautiful time in life. It is a big accomplishment that does not sink in for some, until they are sitting home a few months later wondering what they will actually do with that diploma. You do not need to corporate with some sort of timeline others give you once you graduate. I have witnessed many people I love feel they must be doing this at this time and I am guilty of meeting "my deadlines" as well. Life is a rollercoaster, it is an experience, and you only have one so live it to the fullest.

Everyone moves at their OWN pace and that pace must be what works best for you. I am so hurt when I look at people I love feel they have to live up to a standard. I am honestly still processing what has happened in the past two years of the pandemic, so what is a timeline right now? The timeline should not exist. You should do what works best for you, if you want to take a year off or travel or go to graduate school or go straight to work or network or party or create a business, whatever it may be please do that!

I read in Glamour once that Stanford graduate and Comedian-Actress Issa Rae said “For me, it was like, ‘If I want to pursue acting, I know that I am going to always have to be the best friend.’" She felt she did not meet the look of what a Hollywood star was seen as, but she broke those barriers at 31-years-old in her hit show, HBO's Insecure. Morehouse College graduate, Samuel L. Jackson did not become a movie star until his 40s, nailing his memorable role in Pulp Fiction. Billionaire Elon Musk’s mother, Maye Musk, attended college in South Africa while she was a single mother of three. She became CoverGirl’s oldest ambassador at 69-years-old. At 74-years-old, Musk was the oldest cover model on Sports Illustrated’s swimsuit edition. One of the richest women in America and Tennessee State University graduate, Oprah Winfrey was 32 when her talk show was the highest-rated in television history. St. John's University graduate and Rap Icon J.Cole played basketball in Canada at 37-years-old. I want you to take that all in and understand that reinventing yourself is possible and never EVER EVER think it is too late to be successful.

Whether a month, a year, or a few years you have time. You have enough time to make history or have one amazing career or three amazing careers, and still do what makes you happy.

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