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Dreams Come True...

My life drastically changed right before 2019 ended. I received the best Christmas gift of all. Not just any gift, the gift of a career that would change my life forever. I knew I wanted to work in television since high school. I will never forget my 10th grade English teacher, who told me I would never make it on TV and I would end up like her friend (had the same dream) that now worked at a textbook company. I know...she was a real motivational educational leader.

I was slightly depressed when I graduated from college because there was a big question mark over my head of what I should do next, and of course many other issues a graduate deals with centered around life. Every graduate deals with that underlying question. I got a (scam) marketing job that I quit the first day, right after I ate lunch with my "motivational leader."

It is hilarious when I think about it in retrospect, because I was really "marketing" on the street trying to get New Yorkers to donate their hard-earned money to a charity that I did not even know was real or not. You could imagine how my sadness cemented in my life after quitting a quarter through the first day (because after lunch I still had to stand outside for 6 more hours). I am not a quitter but I knew that job was trash and they were conning fresh graduates. However, a lot has changed from then to now, because I learned to walk with faith and not with fear. I want everyone to at least take that away from this blog post.

It is potent to take risks and wait sometimes because amazing things can come from patience. I work for an astounding, recognizable, brilliant company now; yet with the dream comes the reality part. Reality is I need to work ten times harder now that my foot is in the door. I need to respectfully bust the door down for many reasons, but we will get to that when the time is right.

I get anxiety when I think about it because with all this action comes a lot of responsibility. That thought scares me. You never know something until you are actually involved in it. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do for television until I got a taste of the world of News. The tragedy that takes place every day and the beauty within that tragedy. I am much more aware of the world, and a different part of me has awakened.

The moral of the story kids is that dreams do come true. However, it comes with a price; the price of making sacrifices, being a force in every encounter you make and remaining sane during the entire chase. Do not let anyone steer you away from your destiny. Dreams do come true.

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