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Aaron Cole: SORRY, I CHANGED (Review)

As a child growing up with Mary Mary and Kirk Franklin bumping through my mother's mini van, this album took me back and hit home. Aaron Cole helped me access those memories with this amazing body of work. The beats, lyrics and the tears (as he references in the first song) amplify this album on a whole other level that deserves a standing ovation.

Aaron Cole's SORRY, I CHANGED album cover

The first single Two Cents opens the door for you to understand that the money is not what fills the Christian hip-hop artist's life, but a joy that you can only recieve from the love of God. Cole pays tribute to his mother on the song too by letting her know that he saw how hard she worked and it all paid off.

The next track is Hand On My Life (one of my favorites on this album), I actually think I can hear this song in a club. It's a turn up for God. It's letting everyone know that every single thing Aaron has done in this life was from God's hand. God has covered the rapper's life and continues to cover us all.

Now the true nostalgia of my childhood kicks in with SBTN featuring Kirk Franklin. The acronym means Something About The Name of Jesus, which for the people who had a similar childhood as me music-wise knows this is one of Kirk Franklin's most popular songs. So I don't have to say much about this song. The sample is a feel good bop that takes me back to church as a child and my first introductions to praising God.

Refuge follows after SBTN, which helps us get an even better understanding of Aaron Cole. I listen to this song as if it is God speaking to Cole. The chorus is "I feel your pain. I see the rain comin'. I'll be your strength. You not in danger. You can fall ten floors down. I'll still catch you. Lean on me, I'll be your refuge." A refuge is something providing shelter from danger or trouble. That is how I look at God and I believe that is the message the rapper is trying to get across.

I Love It has similar vibes to Two Cents. It is Aaron reitrating that life has changed for him and he is loving every moment of it. The sixth track Have Your Way is another favorite of mine from this project. Aaron Cole samples Carl Thomas' song I Wish. Do I have to write anymore? If you were not a fan before Have Your Way, I promise you'll become one after hearing this song. Even if you were a person that did not grow up in a Christian hosuehold, he appeals to the true RnB lover with this track.

What It's Like brings us closer to understanding Aaron Cole's journey to how he got where he is today. He talks about the time it took for him to achieve his dreams. Then comes the song Proof. I can hear this track with the breeze in my hair and the sun shining on my face. It has a Carribean feel to it as well. It's just a moment to give the Lord praise and thank Him for all that He has done. Cole reiterates he doesn't need to see more proof to understand God's greatness.

Infinity featuring DOE is another love letter to God. It is explaining that no matter what happens in this life He will continue to love Aaron. DOE's voice beautifully compliments the 80s sound that engulfs this track.

I know I keep letting my readers know my faves, but Safe Haven... this song hits different. There is not one bad song on this album and I don't say that about many albums. Aaron Cole lays bare his flaws on Safe Haven. The lyrics stress the importance of asking God to change the situation. It's similar to Have Your Way. The songwriter asks God to make His way be the only way in our lives and learning that we can't go on our own will but His will.

Tables Turned is offically letting everyone know that things have changed for the rapper. The artist is letting everyone know that things are very different now and he is placing gratitude on God's plan.

Look @ God is a simple statement that the only person who did this and gets the glory is God. It goes back to His Will and not Aaron's as the Virginia native says "I let Him work and stop the plottin'."

The last song of this amazing project is Prayed 4 Me. The most powerful thing I believe you can do as a Christian is pray. The importance of prayer can move mountains, so it was only right to conclude the album like this. "I know somebody prayed for me." Score: A+

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