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Where Have I Been? By Jade Novah

This is my review and slight mirror of my life to Jade Novah's latest album.

Table 10

A story about a young woman just trying to find her place in life, waiting tables for people but secretly her passion lies elsewhere. Or not so secretly because her boss keeps telling her to stop singing but then she meets Miles.

What's Your Sign

I like astorology and knowing what a romantic interest's sign is so I felt this song strongly. It's pretty clear what the intentions are behind this song. What is his sign? What time was he born? What is his rising sign and moon? She just has to make sure they're "cosmically in tune." Enough said.


This is the part in the relationship (four months for them), when he meets the family. A deciding time in many relationships, because if the family doesn't like who you are dealing with it's going to be a tough journey. The baggage of the past meets the present. You hear her love interest Miles talking to her about her concerns. It's almost like a play. He responds in each lyric. Jade is looking for confirmation about how Miles feels.

I Just Wanna Know

This is the song when you are in the love haze or love bubble, but uncertain if it's really true. She asks or ponders saying, "I just wanna know if this is love." You know the moment when you are falling for someone, but you are just unsure what it is you are exactly feeling... well, this is that song. The questions circulate, "Can you post me? Can you show us off as a couple to the world?"


I see it as the uncovering me song. I might be reaching, but Jade explains that she is a lot of different layers and wonders if he is ready to explore and uncover the many parts of her. I know what this feels like. We all do. The beginning of what could be something beautiful. I think the lyrics reflect a true Gemini (we have the same exact birthday by the way). But I also I see it as the literal meaning, take me away from the chaos and enjoy this ride with me.

A Good One / Like That

She discusses her family and her music dreams. Miles says that she is special and he supports her. They constantly discuss him being her twin flame. The pair banter a little on this interlude track and Leslie Odom Jr. continues to compliment Jade's vocals. Their voices blend beautifully together.

She looked at him and thought he was too good to be true to be good to her. She says "Words don't mean nothing to me, if your actions don't do what you speak." That has been the motto of my life lately. Action is my love language, because "words of affirmation" can only go so far. Like That is definitely a love song to Miles giving him the green light that this love is true. She is mesmerized by his green flags, but not so fast...

Lost in You / Say It

Jade's definitely officially locked into the love bubble. It's that point when you are so deep in love you can't see anything. You are just floating. All you see is the two of you against the world. I can understand this feeling from what I remember when I first fell in love. However, love is blind and that's not always a good thing.

She starts talking about her childhood and the tough time she had with her dad saying "I love you." Novah mirrors how she deals with love now from what was instilled in her from childhood. Those three words changed everything for her. Love is such an important lesson to learn from a young age, so your adult years are slightly easier to navigate. Not just romantically but the love you shower yourself.

Affirm Me

Jade says she's not emotional but insecure. Affirmation is all she wants. The words, the actions, she asks "can you affirm me?" It's a question we all ask at some point as we deal with our potential love interests. It's a plea to see the love we think we feel. It's a comfort, safety and a way to feel you are actually being seen by your partner.

Upset / Rollercoaster

Jade starts to reveal how she truly feels. She stands up for her music and Miles throws her dreams in her face. His words hit like ice and he patronizes her. But as Jade tries to be serious, he wants to love up on her when she is trying to get her point across. At some point we all dealt with this, and all it does is suppress the inevitable.

It's an up and down affair. A ride we never want to get off of. The physical attributes of what a relationship can bring and the distraction from the real problems that present itself. She can't even remember what she was upset about to begin with. BIG PROBLEM LADIES, but when something feels good it's hard to not be distracted. Then you are trapped on a rollercoaster...

Sideways / The Silence

This is the point where everything hits the fan. When all the shiny points in the relationship rust.

"Don't leave me, I'm healing." It's almost like she is pleading with him once again. That they need each other while they are healing, which really is not the answer but love will do this to you. This is when the silence feels so loud. Nothing is being said, but everything is being said.

Hey Girl Hey

Toya calls in to check in on Jade, who does not sound so good. About two years have past and Jade admits she has hit a rough patch with Miles. I believe this is the questionable period, when you know the relationship is wrong, but you are not listening to your gut. Jade's friend thinks she needs to check his phone, but Jade says she is not about that stuff. However, it looks like she found something...

Who Are You

Her intuition told her something was not right and she found all his secrets. This is the worst moment at the tip of a break up. I believe it's the part where you are completely lost and feel deceived. Jade reiterates he has never been honest and stresses about how she does not know Miles anymore. Honesty is the best policy Vital Vhannahs because whatever is hidden always comes out.

No More Words

Miles tries to make Jade the villain and takes jabs at her music career AGAIN. The pain behind words that were unnecessary because he was caught in a lie only pushes her further away. Miles was texting other women, so Jade asked for space. She finally took a leap for herself in this relationship and did what was best at this time.

Don't Love You Anymore

Jade professed that she would find someone better once she was over him. This is the aftermath, when love is no longer blind. All the happy times were beautiful, but it was just a part of the past. The elation that is felt once you find out the truth is overwhelmingly amazing.

Where Have I Been?

Looking for love in all the wrong places and looking to fill your heart with things that will do nothing for you in the long run. The fear of loneliness that sits near all of us. But this is part is Jade's awakening, the moment she asked "Where have I been all my life?" It's an important question that takes some of us longer to answer than others. "Running from me when I needed me all this time." I believe I'm embracing this moment and finally answering the necessary question... Where have I been?


This part really was key to the beginning of growth. Jade has a heart to heart with her father (played by Wayne Brady), asking him why he never said he loved her. However, he explains that he did not know what he was doing. Her dad explained about what childhood was like for him versus what he saw on the TV.

Maybe It's Me / Brand New Me

This is a duet between she and her "father." Better days are coming. She talks about being tired of feeling sorry for herself. This is what follows accountability, this is the true moment she understands what she has to do next. A new version of herself starts today.

Jade enters the era of self-love and what she does to focus on this time. How it will reflect the rest of her life. She talks about showing up for herself. Jade lets go, embraces the beauty of change, practices affirmations, and puts in work to elevate the new her. This is me.


This is a moment of reflection. The beauty of the future. Flying to higher ground and removing the weight that once carried her down. I completely understand this. Life can make you feel like it's not possible to re-invent or become an updated version of yourself. I felt like it was not going to happen for me. There was no way for me to look anywhere else. A break-up, my father dying, anxiety, depression, the loudness of silence... However, there is a way out and above all the darkness.

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