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Friendships: Chapter Two "The Jumper"

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

Hello everyone, so I think the first step is admitting you have a problem or you are just prone to attracting the wrong people. I was having a chat with one of my close friends the other night, about how we never feel like we belong in the right friend group. So I am going to reintroduce myself again, just for this blog.

*Disclosure: This blog is a little personal, and I still love all my friends. My people know where my heart is xoxo!*

Hi I am Savannah, and I am a jumper (Que people saying hi back to me). I laugh as I write this because I could not find a word for this term for a while. It basically means that you have been jumping from friend group to friend group your entire life because you honestly do not belong. Do not get me wrong I still have my close friends, great friends, but I am thinking from third grade to now as I am a graduate with a bachelors degree. Do you know how many best friends I have had? I know I am not the only one either, as people we sometimes grow apart.

I was watching one of my new favorite shows "Girls Cruise," because this show demonstrates what it is like to be around the right people, completely different, yet right people and belong. Lil Kim, who I absolutely loved before but have a new found love for her, really is a ride or die for her friends. She looks out for her friends and would give her clothes off her back for them. I want her to be my new friend, that’s how great is to her friends in the show.

The real point is everyone has a light that attracts people to you. I have been told my entire life I have a light, and so has my friend that I was speaking to about this. This is my range of light that I have came across in my life. Yellow is a beaming positive light, purple is a slight dim light that needs some help yet still possesses a certain beauty, and red is the stay away chiiiiilllllddd light! I definitely see the yellow light that shines from this person that I had this conversation with and it is why we connect as we say "always & forever." However, I tend to find the wrong light (red lights) sometimes; I would say since the juice box days. Especially because I got bullied at one point in my life, so I slightly turned into a bully after that time. It was not my best moments. I am a completely different person now and I came to the realization that I like strong people. I like to be around strong people, I like to feed off their energy, I like to pick their brains. Every friendship or relationship I came across, it is because that person had a certain strength and was not always a red light to me. You want to be around people similar to you, which sometimes bites us in the butt.

Currently I am not a jumper and do not plan to be one ever again. Everyone in my life right now I love so much and has taught me so much, from my stushies to mamitas (they know who they are). In all honesty, sometimes we can not be honest with ourselves. But I am choosing to be honest with myself right now by dedicating this time to "standing still." This is when you do not go looking for the next best thing in your friends, but you jump right back into the best thing which is yourself. I have never enjoyed myself so much; the hot, independent, educated black woman that I have become is breaking barriers. Stop jumping and stand still to really appreciate what you bring to the table, to the group, to other lives and to yours.

Hi I am Savannah, and I am no longer a jumper.

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