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Female Support

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I am a Black female. I do not understand why the times we live in we act like it is a crime to support another female. We do it everyday when we are listening to celebrities like Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Rih Rih, or Meg. But when it comes to people you actually know, everyone is too busy. It is important to support your friends, which sometimes that is even harder for others than to support a stranger. I am on Instagram a lot and I positively comment on people I never met in my life, as well as those I am actually friends with in real life. I comment in a supportive way because I want the same support back.

It is almost like we are scared to show a little admiration towards one another, even if I do not like you I will support. I am no hater! We could have been fighting and I promise I will still support from far, well depending on the fight. It is all about energy, what you give is you will get back. If you want positive energy in your business, in your life, in your work, wherever, then you must give to get. As people, as women we have a lot of pride and it is hard to push it to the side. I will not lie and say I was always like this, because I was not. I think that my life was effected when I was negative towards others.

Energy, Ladies! Let's stop fighting each other over nonsense and come together because we should. As a Black women, one thing I hope to achieve in my lifetime is to teach more little girls that it is okay to support one another. Especially with your tangled curls, beautiful nose, and all that gorgeous melanin your body is covered in. It is okay to give a compliment. It is okay to have big dreams, and still fight for them when no one believes in you. Female support is so much bigger then we think. It is something that will move mountains, because the boys club only grows. It starts in high school but carries all the way into the workplace later on. If we cannot support one another, who is going to run the world? You can finish that line.

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