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What are you thinking about entering this new decade? It sounds odd saying a new decade. I have lived through three different decades (the Late 90s, 2000s, 2010s) as well as most of us. That is crazy and a blessing in itself. So much history, so many lessons, so many that did not make it to this new time. But what does that mean for those of us entering this new year, a new decade, a new time?

For me, it means closing doors and locking them shut. Saying goodbye forever to some and moving on. Living life in a new light, and making new year resolutions that I know I will not keep for February, but I will try my best to execute them. Loving hard and chasing my dreams until I am hugging it tight forever. Hopefully going back to school or prolonging it until I know exactly what I am going back for. Learning to embrace my college debt with open arms yet not for too long. 2020 means a lot to me. I am praying that I make it there healthy and renewed.

Instead of giving you a super positive message. I wanted to give you a realistic message with some positivity on the side. The world is not going to just come together when 2019 ends. If you do not really lock the door, someone will find a way to open it again. Someone could possibly be you if you don't truly feel you handled the situation correctly. I am not the same lady I was before when I spent my New Year in France last year. I am stronger, actually happy, very confident, lost sometimes, and yet more powerful than ever. I smile as I type this because 2019 has taught me that embracing yourself is the most important thing. Learning that sometimes you need to be alone and away from everyone's nonsense. That you need to accept things in life and not pay attention to what everyone else is doing around you, because it is so important to move at your own pace.

It is time to step into 2020.

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