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Quarantine Edition: Fighting Your Mental

What do you think about during Quarantine? For some it is their birthday and how do I make this moment as special, as if everything is still normal. For others it is the thought of living alone for the next month or so and how to cope hoping they do not lose their minds. Then their are so many that are sick, are dying, are trying to be there virtually for their loved ones because no visitation is allowed in hospitals and funerals are not happening a lot at the moment. Life is still entering this sick world as well. Many pregnant women are now relying on midwives so they can have their significant other or even their mother there during child birth.

Fighting your mental state and conquering it with optimism is going to be challenging right now. But the key is conquering it. I know there a lot of people living alone right now and you have to keep yourself occupied. Even if that means binging new shows on any streaming service you can get.

People do have some friends in their house at this time, at first I didn't fully understand and then I saw a post that sparked a thought. Everyone does not know how to be alone or like being alone, and its not that healthy to be alone too much. Try your best to stay quarantined with each other, not moving around from house to house. We cannot control everyone's actions during the quarantine, but we can try our best to control how we handle our actions. How we handle this will debate how long we stay like this.

Some careers depend on interaction, like hairstylists. They have ambassadors and some people still need them during quarantine. I understand, but make sure you are disinfecting while you are moving around or letting others into your home. Everyone has their own opinion at this time and it is at your own risk what you do while quarantined.

Social Media controls a lot of what we are doing right now to stay busy and how people are making money still. This can be interpreted as a good or bad thing for your mental state. We have trouble being alone and trapping ourselves into thinking way too much, especially dealing with social media. For those of us that need to stay off of social media or limit intake, pick up some other hobbies. For example, reading is an amazing thing to do and great for the brain with soooo many genres. You can work out at home, freelance in anything, actually talk to your family if your with them or just get trapped in a TV Show. If you need any Netflix or Hulu recommendations I am your girl! Talk on the phone, facetime, Skype, zoom, whatever you like - interact with people virtually. Just find ways to keep your brain occupied without endangering someone else. Let's fight this Covid-19 y'all! It will not be taking over the rest of our 2020...hopefully.

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