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New Music Friday: August 25th

Look out Vital Vhannahs, this new music Friday is going to be a musical fiesta!

I am going to let you know what music you should be pre-saving or getting ready to download this Friday, August 25 from heavy-hitters in the music industry. All week we have been getting major announcements from popular artists about new music dropping. Let's get started!

Ariana Grande's Yours Truly (Deluxe 10th-anniversary Version)

I know the emotional girlies are excited for this one. Ariana is coming up on ten years since her debut studio album Yours Truly, released on August 30, 2013. Tracks on this iconic album include "The Way," "Honeymoon Avenue," "Baby I," and "Almost Is Never Enough." This anniversary edition will be revamped with additional live performances. This project transcended her career from supporting TV actress to huge pop star.

Victoria Monet's Jaguar II

We love a little friendly competition between two besties. The amazing Victoria Monet is releasing her highly-anticipated Jaguar II. Her most recent album Jaguar was released on August 7, 2020 - so a slight three-year anniversary for the R&B singer. Fans have been thirsty for the hit-maker's sophomore album and her tour for the new project.

Iggy Azalea's New Single

The Australian rapper is making a musical comeback after recent controversy - from supporting Tory Lanez to starting an OnlyFans account. The controversial rapper's new single is called "Money Come." Azalea's last album The End Of An Era was released in 2021.

Miley Cyrus' New Single

The country star is back with another hit. Cyrus' newest track is called "Used To Be Young." The TV veteran explains that August 25th is an important date to her. August 25, 2010 is reportedly the date she first broke up with Liam Hemsworth. Plus, three years later on that same date she marked the release of her first #1 hit on Billboard Hot 100 with "Wrecking Ball."

Selena Gomez's New Track

The former Disney star's new song is climbing the charts before its release. It's named "Single Soon" and it already at number 1 on BIllboard's Hot Trending Songs chart. This release takes place as Gomez is working on her upcoming album SG3.

Drake's For All The Dogs

Last but certainly not least, Drake's latest album that's already causing a stir will be released on August 25. His eighth studio album arrives while he is still traveling around the United States for "It's All A Blur" tour. The cover art of the album is a hand-drawn photo of a dog by his son, 5, Adonis.

If anyone else is dropping, let me know! Comment or write me on Instagram, I'm always open to expanding my music catalogue. This article was solely focused on main-stream artists. Thanks for reading!

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